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A PTA is a Parent Teacher Association, an organisation with a mission to make the school a better place for children to learn. Horspath’s PTA brings together parents, teachers and children to raise funds and strengthen the school community. Money raised is usually spent on things that the school budget does not cover.

The Horspath Committee officers are:

  • Co-Chairs: Liz Bell and Amy Green
  • Vice Chair: Kathryn Goodliffe
  • Secretary: tbc
  • Treasurers: Cara Busby and Saima Hafeez
  • Other committee members: Freya Jones, Leanne Parsler, Kelly Green, Hollie Whiting, Michael Timbs

The PTA Class representatives are:

  • Acorn Class: Katrina Sellers and Leanne Parsler
  • Beech Class: tbc
  • Lime Class: Kelly Green
  • Oak Class: Saima Hafeez
  • Willow Class: Kathryn Goodliffe and Freya Jones

In the school year ending in July 2023, the PTA organised raffles, cake sales, ice cream sales, Halloween, Christmas and Easter events, a disco, the design and sale of calendars, and organised the Bag2School initiative to raise money from unwanted items of clothing and other household textiles.

For further information or to suggest any new fundraising ideas, please contact


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