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Wearing a uniform helps promote the identity of the school in the local community and helps create a sense of belonging and pride in our school.

Our school uniform consists of:

  • a plain red sweatshirt or red cardigan (or with the school logo)

  • a plain white polo shirt (or with the school logo)

  • grey or black trousers, or pinafore dress or skirt in cool weather 

  • grey or black shorts or a white and red checked dress in warm weather

  • black school shoes or smart black boots in winter (with Velcro fastenings if your child cannot manage buckles or laces)

  • wellies for outside play in damp or wet weather (all children in Acorn Class and Years 1 and 2 should have these available in school during the school week)

In the winter, please ensure that your child wears sufficient layers to keep warm.  This could be a vest, base layers in navy, red or white, or polo necks in these colours under their white uniform polo shirt.  They will need a suitably large white polo shirt and red school sweater or cardigan to allow for layers, and to help them dress and undress independently.  We advise that you size up when purchasing uniform items with logos from the school office. 

Most items of uniform, those without logos, can be purchased from local supermarkets.  We do not require pupils to wear items with the school logo.  Uniform items with logos can only be purchased via the school office.

The PTA collects and sells good quality second-hand uniform.  


PE kit

Children need a change of clothing for physical education (PE) activities.

A PE kit should consist of:

  • a white t-shirt

  • a pair of black shorts (or leggings or tracksuit bottoms in cool weather)

  • a plain red sweatshirt or zipped jacket in cool weather 

  • trainers (with Velcro fastenings or elastic if your child cannot tie laces)

PE kits need to be kept in school in a clearly labelled drawstring bag.  Red bags are available from the school office but children often find it easier to locate their bags if they look different.  We send PE kits home every half term to be washed but you can take them home more frequently as long as they are returned on Mondays.  


Long hair should be tied back throughout the school day and jewellery must not be worn in school for health and safety reasons.  Earrings that cannot be removed for PE must be covered with plaster or tape brought from home by the pupil.

Uniform items with logos, and book bags and PE bags with logos, can be ordered and purchased from our school office.  

Please label all items of clothing, footwear, school bags and water bottles with your child's name.




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