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Children can choose to bring a packed lunch or enjoy a school lunch which has been freshly prepared from raw ingredients in the school kitchen. Research by School Health UK suggests that packed lunches of the same nutritional standard as a hot school meal cost, on average, 74% more.

All children in the reception year (Acorn Class) and in Years 1 and 2 are eligible for Infant Free School Meals. Some children in Year 3 and above are eligible for free school meals, for example if they qualify for pupil premium funding. This funding is given to schools to improve the education of children who are economically disadvantaged or children who have been in care or adopted from care. You can check whether your child can get free school meals and whether they qualify for pupil premium funding here.

How to order school meals

Dolce is a family-run schools catering provider with a commitment to deliver tasty healthy food with good customer care and is Horspath’s meal provider. Dolce offers new menus each term and allows parents and pupils to pre-order from home. Using a touch screen, children select their names at the kitchen serving window. The screen then displays their pre-ordered choice of meal to both the cook and child, along with any allergies or dietary requirements. It is important that you inform Dolce and the school office if your child has any allergies (food or otherwise) or any particular dietary requirements.

Please contact the school office to find out how to register for online pre-ordering and payments.

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