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How to Apply

Admissions to Horspath Church of England Primary School are handled by Oxfordshire County Council.  Information about how to apply can be found on the county’s website here.

Most children join the school’s reception class, known as Acorn Class at Horspath, at the beginning of the school year which starts in September.  The admissions process for families seeking a reception place in September begins the previous November.

Sometimes children at the school move house and leave the school.  This means that occasionally places become available in other year groups.  Oxfordshire County Council administers all admissions, whether children are moving to Oxfordshire or changing schools within Oxfordshire.  If we have a place available and you are considering moving your child to Horspath, do contact the school office to arrange a visit.

Useful links:

Apply for a school place with Oxfordshire County CouncilContact the Oxfordshire County Council Schools Admissions Team

Timetable of Admissions Appeals for September 2023

Page Downloads Date  
Horspath Admissions Audit Report for 2022 23 07th Sep 2022 Download
Horspath Admissions Arrangements for 2023 24 07th Sep 2022 Download
Horspath Admissions Arrangements for 2024 25 02nd Mar 2023 Download
Horspath Admissions Arrangements for 2025-26 04th Mar 2024 Download
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